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Welcome to NRSD

Removing the Barrier

About Us

The National Rehabilitation Society for the Disabled (NRSD), Kathmandu was established on July 31, 2006. It is a leading organization working for the welfare of people with disability and their mobility. We distribute rehabilitation equipment that includes manual wheelchairs and tricycles. NRSD also provides opportunity to people with disability by integrating them into the mainstream society with the means of providing income generating skills and computer operational skills. Furthermore, NRSD is supporting school children to improve the quality of education and reduce the school dropout rate.

Our Mission

National Rehabilitation Society for Disabled envisions a barrier free inclusive society where persons with disabilities own appropriate and suitable assistive devices and are treated with dignity, respect and on the basis of equality.
Rehabilitating the people with disabilities by providing suitable assistive devices and empowering them by self-employment and innovative training.

What we do

We facilitate reintegration of all types of people with disability, provide suitable mobility devices. We provide latest and innovative ICT and self-employment training, raise awareness on the need of suitable assistive devices and advocate on the role of local government regarding the distribution of assistive devices from their respective municipalities. We also support school children’s by providing education materials

Removing the Barrier

Providing vocational training to person with disability for rehabilitating and empowering them to make themselves independent

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